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Elie Tahari Sample Sale ~ The Update


I personally wasn’t inspired but there seemed to be a lot of excited ladies that were.  And they were reasonably polite for a NYC sample sale.  I arrived when there wasn’t a line but the bouncers said it had been up to an hour at points throughout the day. 


Carrie Bradshaw before she was Carrie


We are all aware that colored jeans are in.  Doesn’t it seem like a trend we’ve seen somewhere before?  The rule goes ~ if you wore the trend once, you shouldn’t wear it the next time it comes back around.  Aka – you are likely too old to make it look good a second time.

This weekend I came across the amazing throwback movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt.  OMG did I want to be them in 4th grade.  Low and behold, what was SJP wearing?  A turquoise t-shirt and purple jeans!  Ha!  There it was!  And the jeans had zippers on the sides. 

So this means I’m too old?  I hope not.