Fashion Week NYC ~ Bill Cunningham New York


Fashion Week has mixed reviews this year.  Some repeat styles, some designers playing it safe with a weak economy.  Noteworthy asian models graced the catwalk. 

My personal fav is an interview video of Bill Cunningham, street photographer.  Bill is an octogenarian – 88 to be exact.  His fame is New York’s best street photographer.  I am in awe and don’t want to tarnish his amazingness by descriging him or the film but will try.  Bill grew up as a middle class, middle of the country American, from a strong family, fought in WWII, deeply committed to his Catholic faith and loves clothes.  He expresses his passion by taking photos of the inspiration he sees on the streets of New York and has done so for decades.  His passion and excitement is infectious and his eye for the people and their styles are simply fantastic.  Give it a view:

Bill Cunningham New York


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