Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale ~ Can I Write This Off?



George Malkemus and Anthony Yurgaitis as both professional and personal partners, bought the rights to Manolo Blahnik USA.  They live in NYC and weekend in Litchfield County.  While out in the country, the two learned that their neighborly, bucolic Arethusa Farm was to be sold and cleared for development.  Instead of watcing the fabric of their town change, they bought the farm and began the journey into dairy farming!  They discovered that often times aspiring farming and veterinary students arrive at Cornell and surrounding schools from farms themselves with prohibitive educational costs. In order to combat the issue and support these students, George and Anthony generously began an annual sample sale constructed under a tent on the farm grounds, cows mooing in the background.  Last year the fund raised over $90k and aspired to break the $100k threshold. The picture demonstrates my support.





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