Jewelry Designer Irene Neuwirth!


 Irene Neuwirth is this fabulous, creative, eclectic, high end jewelry designer often found at counters such as Barneys. (see previous blog on Amanda Brooks)  Saks may be too main stream for her work.  A sample of her work is below.  Come to find out, she is my age!  How did she become so accomplished with such brand recognition and high end jewelry design at such a young age?   

A little history on Irene.  She grew up at the beach in LA and went to the U. of Vermont.  She borrowed $1,000 to buy beads, brought her designs to the jewelry buyer at Barneys who purchased her wears and ordered more on the spot.  Sunday’s New York Times profiled her on what she did last week and what she wore doing it.  She rode bikes along the boardwalk in Santa Monica with her boyfriend and dog in a white dress.  Otherwise, everything was bright and colorful, like her jewelry.


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