Ann Romney and Her Bird shirt on Good Morning America


First off, doesn’t she look pretty?  The bird shirt is not my style, particularly since I don’t wear prints, but she can wear what she wants!  This photo clearly articulates her beauty.

Today’s scuttle is the shirt retails for $990 by the fashionable Reed Krakoff.  It garners the ongoing question of the Romneys ~ are they reachable to the middle class who shops at Target.  My opinion is that yes, the shirt begs that question.  I also appreciate the argument that she wears what she can afford and likes so that she can then attend to the real concerns of today. 

The larger question I like to ask myself is ~ if I can afford it, does it justify that I should have it?

Romney made about $20 million dollars last year alone; predominantly from capital gains from previous investments he had made with the remaining money he made after paying taxes.  He’s spent a great deal of his own money fundraising to become the president of the United States.  A job I do not want because it costs the president and his/her family an immense sacrifice.  I am grateful that such a successful person is willing to use his own resources to win a monsterous job of leading the largest global economy.  I take my hat off to all the candidates.  If their spouses want to wear expensive clothes which they can afford and don’t cost the debt ladden tax payer anything?  Let them eat cake!    


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