New Handbag Obsession: orYANY


I just stumbled upon this line and found this summary to can’t take credit but thought you might be interested.

The orYANY handbag collection, launched in the spring of 2010, is a breath of fresh air in the luxury leather handbag market. orYANY (pronounced “or ee yah knee”) offers chic and functional, multi-purpose handbags complete with organization for keys, cell phones and PDA’s for women on the go. We are New York City based and privately owned by an entrepreneur who has been passionate about leather, design and art throughout his life. The orYANY collection is a culmination of his years in the handbag industry producing clean design, timeless styles and functionality with each handbag style. He oversees an in-house design studio and works with a team of designers that have over 30 years experience between them, creating beautiful handbags that emphasize details which include signature hardware, rich and luxurious color palettes and easy shapes. Our brand commitment is to be both chic and contemporary for the modern woman.

I don’t know who this guy is but he is both brilliant and econo-savvy with his lower end prices on what seems like luxury purses.  Yes – west coasters still call them purses. I have yet to see these in person.  Have to wait until I’m in NYC next which should be early next week.  Till then.



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  1. Hmm… if you find a boutique that carries them, I’d like to see it! The pictures are selling me on it, but I’m always interested in new “purses” or pock-a-books as my mom so fondly calls them 🙂

    • To find this specific pock-a-book, the Anthropologie website has the version with the yellow leather. I pulled the picture from the Bergdorf Goodman website so I would believe they have it there too!

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