LemLem ~ Ethiopia

LemLem derives its meaning from the Ethiopian language to mean bloom or flourish.  It also represents a retail company incepted in 2007 by a former supermodel/actress and Ethiopian named Liya Kebede.  Liya discovered a decline in demand of clothes made by this ancestral weaving technique and wanted to ensure the legacy of the culture continued.  To generate more demand, she created LemLem and currently offers her wares no less than through J.Crew’s recent speciality line.  The items are typically striped scarves and sundresses with an eclectic collection of colors.  
I was originally drawn to LemLem by the Losha scarf listed in a collection of items in this month’s Bazaar magazine.  It is a dreamy white linen with blue, gray and black stripes along with a small fringe tassle at the ends.  It is a bit pricy for a linen scarf ($125) but I might feel justified because it supports women in what I would call a frontier market.  Another beautiful piece is called the Anna Twill Scarf.  That one runs a little higher ($150) and is advertised with a dual purpose of a towel.  I adore the pale pink and purple stripes along with a bright pink hue on the edge.  Given it counters as a towel, I’d like to feel it before I commit to a heavy scarf.  I’m happy with my terry cloth beach towels. 
Stores pepper the US or are offered in Barneys, Bloomies and a few others.  None exist in CT but you can grab a cute elsa smocked shirt at J. Crew.com.  Scarves off to a creative homespun corporation to keep ancestry and people alive!  

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