The trend continues. Dior has selected a Belgian designer known for his low key, behind the limelight personality to lead at their helm. The newly appointed Simons left Jill Sander after 7 years due to her recent announcement of resuming her position to lead her brand. At fashion shows, Simons barely poked his head out from behind the curtain. His final show’s stand O demanded he step foot on the runway and take a bow.

We are experiencing a distinct inflection point in the fashion world. The once designer personality defines the brand days are over. Meek takes over grand. This was a formidable shift for Dior as they escorted Galliano Out last summer after his anti-semitic rage in Paris. He blamed it on his multiple addictions and stress of his job. Unfortunately for Dior, Natalie Portman was the spokesperson for the brand and subsequently refused to donn Galliano’s designs on the red carpet.

Dior is LVMH’s most prized luxury fashion holding so this should be a good thing for the mothership. Simons has never done his own couture line so we will see what he is made of this summer. Eyes wide open!


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