You Look Too Smart to Watch Bravo


I was sitting on the plane waiting for people to board, ready to get out of dodge at JFK heading back to SoCal. The window seat was open as I sat long the isle. As the door was closing, a tall handsome guy sat down. He quickly wiped his face in an efficient fashion that reminded me of someone trying to hydrate. I didn’t recognize him but everyone else did. The flight attendants kept coming by telling him they loved everything he does. I had to ask. So why does everyone know you? I don’t!

He is Jeff Lewis. The ultra gracious host of Flipped Out on Bravo. His Rosiario like house keeper sat along the other window. Jeff’s response to me was – you look too smart to watch Bravo. I was insulted! I LOVE Patti the Matchmaker! Had I lost my SoCal roots of a west coast girl? He was right. I’m wearing navy skinny jeans (without holes), unscuffed tan booties, a white t-shirt, and a grey Theory sweater (for those who have read the related Theory blog). I did not in any way say LA. I had my FT (Financial Times, London based newspaper), the latest edition of the Economist, a hard back copy of Unbroken, a setting sun with a 1940’s plane flying over, a blackberry, an iphone and a 300 page primer on credit written by Citigroup. I screamed nerd!

Jeff was this incredibly gracious, normal guy who politely asked what I did for work. I told him I sell bond portfolios to corporations for their pension plans. He in response politely asked if I did peoples’ taxes which it doesn’t, at all. I would like to believe we both enjoyed our flight together. I did.

And yes, Jeff and his Rosario like housekeeper banter like Karen Walker on Will and Grace.


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