My Theory is…Garmento


Andrew Rosen can be described at a Garmento – someone active in the garment industry, especially in New York. He leads the Theory brand, a line who will cross the $700 million dollar sales threshold this year. His original goal was to gross $30mm a year. Wow! It is hard to find information about him because he stands behind the brand instead of other modern designers (think Jean Paul Gaultier, former Hermes creative director), who stand in front. I find it interesting but resoundingly true that as Theory expands into developing countries (read China), the lack of a face or front and center label damages sales. To remedy this, Rosen cultivated a line with Theysken that seems to carry a strong label for the Asian buyer though one not cherished in the US as far as I can tell. You have to shop at Saks NYC or Intermix or watch fashion week reels to know of it.

When I took a new job, one that is more outward facing, I said my parting goodbyes to my former boss. Her word of advice to me was to make sure I got a few Theory suits. As she summarized, the stretchy fabric makes us ladies look good. And I would agree. Today’s Wall Street Journal magazine takes a closer look into the line, giving Rosen street cred on both style and business acumen. He started the company with Elie Tahari, a now competitor, in the 90’s based on Eli’s discovery of the stretchy fabric in Italy. Elie’s line is now also known in the ladies’ professional wears world. Over time, Rosen has also helped launch (read seed capital and mentorship)Olivia + Stacey and other aspiring American designers. Vogue’s editor in chief says America doesn’t have a Gucci or LVMH but Rosen is creating an equivalent. Rosen shout out! USA! USA!

For women in the working world, Theory suits are synonymous for a professional outfit that makes you look sexy. If a friend tells me she wears Theory to a meeting, I know what kind of meeting she attended; one of importance where she wants to look strong and feminine. The suits are designed to fit in the waist and then curve to yours. I think Rosen hit his mark in a sophisticated, subtle yet strong way, just like the brand!


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