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New Handbag Obsession: orYANY


I just stumbled upon this line and found this summary to can’t take credit but thought you might be interested.

The orYANY handbag collection, launched in the spring of 2010, is a breath of fresh air in the luxury leather handbag market. orYANY (pronounced “or ee yah knee”) offers chic and functional, multi-purpose handbags complete with organization for keys, cell phones and PDA’s for women on the go. We are New York City based and privately owned by an entrepreneur who has been passionate about leather, design and art throughout his life. The orYANY collection is a culmination of his years in the handbag industry producing clean design, timeless styles and functionality with each handbag style. He oversees an in-house design studio and works with a team of designers that have over 30 years experience between them, creating beautiful handbags that emphasize details which include signature hardware, rich and luxurious color palettes and easy shapes. Our brand commitment is to be both chic and contemporary for the modern woman.

I don’t know who this guy is but he is both brilliant and econo-savvy with his lower end prices on what seems like luxury purses.  Yes – west coasters still call them purses. I have yet to see these in person.  Have to wait until I’m in NYC next which should be early next week.  Till then.


LemLem ~ Ethiopia

LemLem derives its meaning from the Ethiopian language to mean bloom or flourish.  It also represents a retail company incepted in 2007 by a former supermodel/actress and Ethiopian named Liya Kebede.  Liya discovered a decline in demand of clothes made by this ancestral weaving technique and wanted to ensure the legacy of the culture continued.  To generate more demand, she created LemLem and currently offers her wares no less than through J.Crew’s recent speciality line.  The items are typically striped scarves and sundresses with an eclectic collection of colors.  
I was originally drawn to LemLem by the Losha scarf listed in a collection of items in this month’s Bazaar magazine.  It is a dreamy white linen with blue, gray and black stripes along with a small fringe tassle at the ends.  It is a bit pricy for a linen scarf ($125) but I might feel justified because it supports women in what I would call a frontier market.  Another beautiful piece is called the Anna Twill Scarf.  That one runs a little higher ($150) and is advertised with a dual purpose of a towel.  I adore the pale pink and purple stripes along with a bright pink hue on the edge.  Given it counters as a towel, I’d like to feel it before I commit to a heavy scarf.  I’m happy with my terry cloth beach towels. 
Stores pepper the US or are offered in Barneys, Bloomies and a few others.  None exist in CT but you can grab a cute elsa smocked shirt at J.  Scarves off to a creative homespun corporation to keep ancestry and people alive!  



The trend continues. Dior has selected a Belgian designer known for his low key, behind the limelight personality to lead at their helm. The newly appointed Simons left Jill Sander after 7 years due to her recent announcement of resuming her position to lead her brand. At fashion shows, Simons barely poked his head out from behind the curtain. His final show’s stand O demanded he step foot on the runway and take a bow.

We are experiencing a distinct inflection point in the fashion world. The once designer personality defines the brand days are over. Meek takes over grand. This was a formidable shift for Dior as they escorted Galliano Out last summer after his anti-semitic rage in Paris. He blamed it on his multiple addictions and stress of his job. Unfortunately for Dior, Natalie Portman was the spokesperson for the brand and subsequently refused to donn Galliano’s designs on the red carpet.

Dior is LVMH’s most prized luxury fashion holding so this should be a good thing for the mothership. Simons has never done his own couture line so we will see what he is made of this summer. Eyes wide open!

You Look Too Smart to Watch Bravo


I was sitting on the plane waiting for people to board, ready to get out of dodge at JFK heading back to SoCal. The window seat was open as I sat long the isle. As the door was closing, a tall handsome guy sat down. He quickly wiped his face in an efficient fashion that reminded me of someone trying to hydrate. I didn’t recognize him but everyone else did. The flight attendants kept coming by telling him they loved everything he does. I had to ask. So why does everyone know you? I don’t!

He is Jeff Lewis. The ultra gracious host of Flipped Out on Bravo. His Rosiario like house keeper sat along the other window. Jeff’s response to me was – you look too smart to watch Bravo. I was insulted! I LOVE Patti the Matchmaker! Had I lost my SoCal roots of a west coast girl? He was right. I’m wearing navy skinny jeans (without holes), unscuffed tan booties, a white t-shirt, and a grey Theory sweater (for those who have read the related Theory blog). I did not in any way say LA. I had my FT (Financial Times, London based newspaper), the latest edition of the Economist, a hard back copy of Unbroken, a setting sun with a 1940’s plane flying over, a blackberry, an iphone and a 300 page primer on credit written by Citigroup. I screamed nerd!

Jeff was this incredibly gracious, normal guy who politely asked what I did for work. I told him I sell bond portfolios to corporations for their pension plans. He in response politely asked if I did peoples’ taxes which it doesn’t, at all. I would like to believe we both enjoyed our flight together. I did.

And yes, Jeff and his Rosario like housekeeper banter like Karen Walker on Will and Grace.