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Kate Spade is a Gateway Drug


Would you agree?  You get your first pair of esprit shoes and matching Guess jeans and jacket.  Then you want Doc Martins.  Then you have to have a Coach bag and a David Yurman ring.  Ah, yes, you hear Kate Spade is cool. What?  Who is Tory Burch?  She is known as affordable luxury.  Ergo Prada, Vuitton and next will be… take a guess. Celine? 

Kate Space is a gateway drug.



By now, everyone knows about Lululemon. Ticker LULU. I like their ticker. I heard something new and funny about them this weekend. It went like this. Ya, I like Lululemon stuff but man, its expensive for something I am going to sweat in. What happened to a t-shirt and sweats? Good point. LULU has eclipsed us into forgetting about a tshirt and sweats to work out in. If you show up to a class in sweats and a baggy t-shirt, people will assume you are new and don’t know better.

Here is my conflict. Last year I bought a pair of tights that I didn’t end up liking. The fabric didn’t stretch and I felt like my above the knee area was getting squished and it looked like casing. I didn’t like when I looked down and my knees looked smooshed and rolly. The customer service department gave me a run around about did I try them on in the store and their expert fit people should have solved this problem by recommending another size. I just think the fabric didn’t “give” as it usually does.

Then around Christmas I ordered a few tops to try on at home. Shipping is always free (excellent). Delivery took what seemed like a while but whatever. I didn’t have to go to the store so I was cool with it. When the tops did arrive, I tried them on, liked one and took the other back at my next free weekend which was about 10 days later. However, the 14 day return policy from date of purchase was way over and they would’t take them back. Not happy. Given the 2 encounters, I swore I wouldn’t buy their stuff anymore.

The alternative is a line called Elisabetta Rogiani. Elisabetta is an Italian designer from BeBe. Their stuff is fairly custom so I picked a style and a color and two weeks later, my garden green mono colored tights with ankle gathering arrived. The color wasn’t what I expected from the color wheel. Darn it. I felt self conscience when I wore them. Shoot. I spoke with Elisabette. She can’t/won’t take them back as a small business owner. I understand but I still own pants I don’t want to wear.

My mom asked for birthday gift ideas for me. Given the above, I kinda need yoga/running pants. Do I give in and go back?

Kate Middleton, Peacocks and Pantyhose


Kate Middleton and her precotious sister Pippa have brought back the use of nude pantyhose into the limelight.  Is this an order from the Queen’s court?  I’m attending the Greenwich Leadership Forum tomorrow night in the attached emerald green frock(nod to Zara).  I’m planning to wear camel colored bootIES but with pending cold, I may have to switch to boots.   Dare I consider nude pantyhose instead?

Spring fashion points to peacock like dresses, knee length in front, longer sweeps in back.  Like a peacock but not in full plummage.

White Jeans


This is the time of year where the idea of wearing white jeans seems totally out of reach and yet, if you want to find a decent pair you like and enjoy wearing, you need to shop now.

I have been wearing Gap boot cuts for the last 2 years and promised myself skinny jeans this season so I did some research and have outlined my findings as follows:

J Crew: Stretchy material, looks potentially comfy, reasonable price at $98. Good style. Dressing room: too see through! Darn it! Waist is “forgiving” which doesn’t work with my hour glass-ish frame. Need smaller waist but for others, this could be a winner.

Citizens for Humanity (Citizens): When I had them on in the mirror of the dressing room, I had 2, well 3 thoughts. One, these have potential, in the big mirror in the shared dressing space, sausage-y came to mind around the rear bum and leg area and three, I don’t want to have any bit of sausage to describe how I look/feel in a $185 pair of anything. Keep looking until I get desperate.

Ann Taylor Loft: who would have guessed but they fit great! Material has a bit of stretch so they are comfy to sit down in at first try. Thick enough material to not cause gathering around the girly problem areas in the behind. And not too thin that I may be able to wear different undergarments than stricly nude. Waist is a good cut. Price – a $60 steal plus coupons which make them even better! Problem: last pair in my size had a broken zipper. Ugh. I’m not the only one to like them.

Gap: Similar description to Loft jeans but material is a little stiff. Would need a few wears to make them my own. For a competitive $60, who can complain? And add a few coupons for good measure to make them competitive to the Loft jeans.

Conclusion: Ann Taylor Loft wins if you can find them. If not, default to the Gap.